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  • Stationery Stores - Los Angeles Edition

    Yun went to Los Angeles couple weeks ago and visited some super cute stationery/gift shops! Check out what stores she visited herea

  • Happy Holidays 2019!

    Enjoy our first sale ever! From 11/25 to 12/1, enjoy 35% off with code “FIRSTSALE”!

  • Greeting Cards Yun Loves

    I love greeting cards. I’ve always loved cards and before Etsy and online stores were popular, I would always go to drug stores and just look at all the cards.

  • Let’s Go to Hawaii - Travel Blog

    Couple weeks again, Yun went to Hawaii and now she wants to share where she went and what she did with you!

  • Vietnam Travel

    It’s a country that I am already planning to go back to, maybe Ha Long next time. Keep reading to see what I did there, you can also look at our Instagram story highlights for more.

  • Giving Back with Braid Mission

    I always thought about how I would want to give back. I’ve kept this in mind in the process of building the store; after careful consideration and discussion with Chin, we decided to write a card for the “Cards of Hope” project for every order we get.

  • New Choose Your Own Sticker Set!

    We know getting just one sticker is never enough, so we are introducing Stickers Sets!

    Choose from our collection of $2.99 stickers and get 3 for $7.5 or 5 for $12. They can be all different stickers or multiple of the same ones, just let us know which ones you want in the comments when you check out.

  • Our Favorite Boba Places! (Taipei & San Francisco)

    Boba milk tea has become very popular around the world in the last couple years, so we want to share some of our favorite places with you. Let us know your favorite boba place in the comment!

  • Software Sticky Rice Sisters Use

    Here are some software we've been using to run our online store and social! What’s your favorite software to use?

  • My First Travel Booklet

    I am going to Vietnam in a month, and I made my first travel booklet! Find out more about my latest hobby inspired by a blog post by a Taiwanese guy 大同 📖

  • Recent History of Sticky Rice Sisters

    Here’s a little (like 2.5 months) history of Sticky Rice Sisters. Glad you are all part of our history now!

  • 10 Qs about Yun

    Welcome to 10 Qs about me!

    Here are a little bit about me and what I like 😊