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Greeting Cards Yun Loves

I love greeting cards. I’ve always loved cards and before Etsy and online stores were popular, I would always go to drug stores and just look at all the cards. If I had some time to kill, I’d go to a Walgreens to look at the cards; if I’m at the mall, I’d go to Hallmark to read the cards and look at their designs. 

Now, I’d go to local gift shops and look at cards from local artists, clever cards, pop-culture reference cards, and all the cute designs. I always think of reasons and people to write to so I can get more cards.

Handmade cards from Costco

When I first learned about Cards of Hope, I got some cards from Amazon that came in a pack of 40 birthday cards and shared them with friends to write to the kids. One day while shopping at Costco, I found some handmade cards that were really high quality and 3D! You can’t say no to a pack of 25 3D cards for less than $10!

Then I started to look at more brands and places that sell cards. I’ve found so many gorgeous, cute, funny cards/ artists from local gift shops and craft fairs, and here are some of my favorite brands!



(There are so many more because I like almost everything I see at gift shops 😆)


Rifle Paper Co. - This is a no-brainer lol. I’m sure everyone who loves stationery knows about them.

Everything they have is so BEAUTIFUL! I want to buy the whole store. All the patterns, floral designs, and especially the new Christmas products they just released.

(I bought their 2020 wall calendar of different Maps in September when it came out lol. Because when I wanted to get the 2019 one this year it ran out.)

A Jar of Pickles - Super PUNNY cards!

Kirstie, the owner of the store, who is super nice and she comes up with puns that goes with her super cute drawings of food or animals. They are all so clever!

The new boba and ice cream pins are also sooo cute, though they are not cards 😆

Minted - Love that they support independent artists and turn their art into products.

Minted is “A design marketplace connecting you with the world’s best artists to create something one of a kind.” You can customize your cards and choose from thousands of designs. Though they focus more on wedding stationery, Holiday cards, and art work, they also have a large section of greeting cards! You can even sign up for a subscription which will help you to remember to write to all you family and friends!


Fox & Fallow - I first found out about them at Anthropologie. This Australian stationery sells cards and stationery with beautiful designs and gold foil lettering.

I love all the pastel/pinkish blush colors they choose in their designs, I can’t help but keep scrolling through they Instagram pictures and liking everything! If you haven’t heard of them, make sure you head to their Instagram and see it for yourself!


Sugar Paper LA - Currently my favorite store.

I’ve been following them on Instagram and stopped by their store more recently (after they opened on in Marin, CA!) The store is just as pretty as their Instagram page. I love everything in it and want to buy the whole store. 😍

The girl at the store was also really nice, make sure to visit them if you are even in Marin, CA or Brentwood, CA!

Paper Source - If you live in the US and love stationery, you must already know about Paper Source (I hope). They have a great range of products from cards, to gift wrappers, to all kinds of gifts, to planners, and other kinds of stationery you might need for different occasions. I love browsing in their store and look at the newest products they have and look at things I might (or might not) need.

They also offer crafting classes in different stores. Make sure to stop by when you see one!

Did you know stores like Anthropologie and Madewell also sell cards? Make sure you check out their cards selections next time you’re in their store!

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