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Let’s Go to Hawaii - Travel Blog

Couple weeks ago, I went to Hawaii and now I want to share where I went and what I did with you!

Let me know where I should go next in the comments.


Oahu, Hawaii_StickyRiceSisters

Days we went

  • 6 days (2019/9/14-9/19)

Where we went

Oahu, Hawaii

Mainly stayed around Honolulu

What we did

Hawaii Beach_StickyRiceSisters.jpg

Hung out on the beaches

There are so many beautiful beaches in Hawaii, it’s a must to spend time on the beach, watch the waves, enjoy the sun, and just space out.

  • Sandy Beach

  • Waikiki Beach

  • Laniakea Beach

Hiking to Manoa Waterfall on the left and Diamond Head on the right.

Hiking to Manoa Waterfall on the left and Diamond Head on the right.

Hiked to a Waterfall and on a Volcano

The hike to the Manoa Waterfall was pretty hard. It was muddy, humid, nature-y, and tiring. But I was happy I did it! I was all sweaty and sticky from sunscreen and bug spray. (Causing the glow on my body lol.)

Sea Turtle_StickyRiceSisters.JPG

Watched sea turtles swim up-shore

I waited for sea turtles to be “washed up-shore” from the ocean. You could see a lot of them in the water, but they would get pulled back into the water as the waves come and go. When they finally get out of the water, they would hold on for dear life and eat those seaweed on the rocks. The way they swim with their little legs are just so cute. It is soooo rare that you get to see sea turtles in the wild so it was really fun.

Kualoa Ranch_StickyRiceSisters.jpg

Visited Kualoa Ranch and Polynesian Cultural Center

I learned about the Hawaiian culture at the Kualoa Ranch, visited movie sites, and enjoyed scenic view of the nearby islands from a highpoint on the ranch. This place is where Jurassic World, Jumanji, and many other movies and shows took place or at least filmed parts of it there. I went on the jungle deep tour and it was a bumpy ride! Would recommend people visiting Oahu to stop by here to enjoy the views and learn about the culture.

At the Polynesian Cultural Center I learned about Hawaii, Samoa, Aotearoa (present-day New Zealand), Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga (thus the name Polynesian - many islands)

What we ate

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Local fruits - Pineapples, dragon fruits, mangos, mangosteen, rambutan, banana, etc

Hawaii has a lot of fresh and delicious tropical fruits! They are especially good at local farmers market, make sure you look up the time and location of closest farmers market when you visit.

Two different types of shave ice

Two different types of shave ice

Shave Ice

Because Hawaii is so hot and humid, you can find shave ice everywhere to cool you down. They are different kinds of shave ice.

In the picture on the left has red beans, mochi, and condense milk on it, more Japanese from Waiola Shave Ice.

On the right is from M.Matsumoto which is the more traditional syrup and just ice. You can pick different flavors of the syrup making it a colorful bowl of sweetness.

Two different types of donuts!

Two different types of donuts!

Donuts - Modo & Leonard’s

Modo, short for more donuts, sells mochi donuts which came from Japan. Similar to the kind you can find at Mr. Donut in Japan/Asia, it has recently become popular in the US. This location was right next to our hotel, so it was an easy access and there was never a line (they had a pop-up in San Jose, CA and it had a line out the door with hours of wait).

Leonard’s is the most popular and famous donut place on the island and a must go for everyone. They sell malasada, a Portugese doughnut without a hole, and fill them with delicious local flavor custard.

It is best to eat them hot right after you get them!

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