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Vietnam Travel

I went to Vietnam from 9/11 to 9/17. Overall, I really enjoyed Vietnam, it is better than I imagined. People there are super helpful, easy to get around with “Grab” (Uber in South East Asia) and the food is gooood.

It’s a country that I am already planning to go back to, maybe Ha Long next time. Keep reading to see what I did there, you can also look at our Instagram story highlights for more.


Vietnam Map_StickyRiceSisters.png

Days we went

  • 6 days

Where we went

  • Hoi An

  • Da Nang

  • Ho Chi Minh

What we did


Basket Boat Riding

The locals use these to fish and make a living, but it has now become a popular tourist activity that people enjoy. They sing and take you crab-fishing on this tour—it’s more expensive if you get the tour online ($30-$50USD) but if you negotiate with the locals there you can get a better deal for about $15-$20 USD. The tour was longer than I expected, lasted for about 2 hours, make sure you bring water with you. They usually have an umbrella on the boat so you are not melting in the heat the whole time.

Local Market_StickyRiceSisters.png

Local Market Shopping

There are supermarkets but most locals still go to the traditional markets to shop. It is super crowded and not very sanitary as the bugs and flies sit on the food. Definitely a must go to experience the culture but think twice about trying the food :)

Vietnam Water Lantern.png

Releasing Water Lanterns in Hoi An

The lanterns are set into the river as an offering and to worship their ancestors as well as the God of the land. The 15th of every month on the lunar calendar is their lantern festival. So if you can try and plan to visit on that day, you can check the link for the dates. The old town is very crowded, and it gets really dark at night, watch out for your bag/wallet!

What we ate

I will skip pho and spring roll because I think they taste similar to the ones they have in the States/Taiwan.

Vietnam food_StickyRiceSisters.jpg
  • Vietnamese Bread (Banh Mi)

    • This one should be more familiar to everyone. You can get this at most Vietnamese restaurant in the States. But the stuffing is quite different here—they put a lot of different marinated meat inside. It tastes good, especially the ones with sunny side up eggs in them. They are all very tasty but ask the locals for good ones, they will surprise you!

  • Cao Lau Noodle

    • This is a very special noodle originated from Hoi An. I tried this dish both at a touristy/fancy restaurant and at a night market stall. The one at the night market was wayy better than the restaurant one. I am glad that I gave it a second chance and try it the more local way.

  • Egg pancake (Banh Xeo)

    • You can see this everywhere in Vietnam. I waited till the 3rd day to try it and definitely regret not trying it earlier. It’s crispy and savory! I had one everyday after my first one. This is something you have to try in Vietnam.

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