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About Us

It all started when…

We remembered how much we loved, and still love, stickers.

Growing up in Taiwan, we would always receive cute stickers from our parents and teachers as rewards. Our parents would let us pick out a sheet of sticker whenever we visit the stationery store. We each had our own sticker books filled with different cartoon characters stickers we traded and collected. It was a prized collection that was not meant to use but to look at.

When we moved to the US for school, we brought our Asian stationery with us and our classmates would always comment on the cute stickers we got from Taiwan. So we started buying them for our friends and always put them on the cards we wrote. As we grew older, we wrote fewer cards and almost forgot our love for stickers.

Until we saw the Cards of Hope program from Braid Mission and started writing cards and using stickers again. It rekindled our passion for cute stationery and started our journey to bring the cutest stickers to Sticky Lovers everywhere!


We got the name “Sticky Rice Sisters”…

from our Chinese name.

Our last name is Fan 范, which sounds the same as the Chinese character for "rice," and people used to joke about it! When we started to think of a name for our store, we wanted to include the word sticker or stick or sticky in it and thought of sticky rice! Making it the perfect pun to our name. 🍚