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The Only Thing You Need to Do This Month to Chase Your Dreams

- Guest Post by Gabi Garrett


If you're trying to figure out if you should cut dairy, stand on your head or run a marathon this month - let me save you the color-coded calendar steps.

Here's the deal:

For the next 30 days, just spend 20 minutes going towards a dream. It can be losing weight, starting a business, being a nice human - you choose. Choose the ONE dream that will move the needle the most in your life.

If you can commit to spending JUST twenty minutes uninterrupted going towards a dream of yours is really going to add up. Sometimes, you'll have longer and that rocks - but sometimes it's just enough to get you in alignment - into the vibe of your future self.

This practice makes you feel in control, purposeful, and like you have meaning outside of your day to day wildlife.

When I was in my most anxious, fearful state I started getting up early and I’d write for JUST 20 minutes before work. Sometimes it was a story, sometimes it was a poem - but no matter what from 6 am-620am - I was writing.

I felt brighter and happier after just the first round. Anxiety, confusion... even being stuck in a job you don't love is hard, but purpose can help you get out of your in mind, and knowing you have that 20 minutes set aside for you is really valuable for your mental well-being.

Commit to a time and place right now. JUST for 20 minutes!


Beware: Your brain will try and talk you out of it. But, 20 minutes, friend - even if you're wasted tired, you can do it.

What's your excuse not to do it? I know your brain just told you one. Write it down.

Now, ask yourself, "Is this excuse true?"

Now, ask again, "Is it REALLY true?"

Here are a few simple solutions to find an extra 20 for your cute self:

  • Take your apps off your phone (namely, social!)

  • Get up 20 minutes earlier

  • Include a lunch break in your day, after you eat, spend the remaining time on your goal

  • Check email 2x less

  • Put your phone in the drawer while you work to increase productivity (and decrease distractions!)

I know you have 20 minutes, and I know you're worth it!

Go get 'em!

Here is the link to join Gabi's 6-week course to identify which dream you should go after, and more!

Gio- guest post

Author bio:

Gabi Garrett is a published author, and journalist of over 150 platforms including USA Today, Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, Sivana Network, and more. She now teaches other aspiring writers and spiritual entrepreneurs how to get their work published, and serves as a ghostwriter and publicist, utilizing her editorial connections with ease.

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