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Christmas Collection and New Products!

It’s almost Christmas and we have Christmas stickers and cards for you.

We also have many new characters and new product items. Keep reading to find out about the new items, they are also in store now!



We love washi tape and been planning to have them in the store. We know how annoying it is when washi tape doesn’t stick.. so we tested out more than 50 washi tapes from different stores and vendors to make sure our washi tapes have the best quality.

These high quality washi tapes are easy to use, easy to tear, and has great adhesive!

They are great for decorating notebooks, planners, letters, cards, notes, pen & pencil, scrapbook, there're limitless uses!

If you’ve got an order from us, you know we love to decorate our packaging with washi! If you haven’t, order today: these washi won’t disappoint you!


These cute bookmarks are not only great as bookmark for reading, you can also use it in your planner, scrapbook, or anytime you need to keep a page.

We like to use them just as decor on the desk! They are so cute to look at. You can also use it to stick notes on the fridge!

Don’t forget to look at the other side of the magnet, you may find their cute butts (corgi buttsss!)


These stickers are so versatile. You can use them on laptops, phone cases, and binders.

And because they are waterproof, you can use them on water bottles, lunch boxes, or really anywhere you want.

Each sticker set includes 6 large and 6 smaller stickers, and they are all different.

Which products are you most excited about? Share them in the comments below!

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