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Authorized Reseller

Today, we want to address something a bit serious - copyright.

cute washi - sticky rice sisters

You might’ve noticed that there are stickers with similar or the same characters as ours on sites like Aliexpress, some etsy stores, and some reseller sites. Because some artists might work with different brands and manufactures to produce their work. Though we can’t speak for every seller, but from our understanding, some of these products might be made in China and do not have the rights to use these characters and design.

We want to let you know that we get our products from our vendors in Taiwan who work directly with independent artists to create these beautiful and cute designs. Our products are 100% original, we’d never steal anyone’s artwork and we wouldn’t say we designed them. We want to respect the artists, the makers, and people who produced them.


We understand sometimes you may not realize the seriousness of this issue and it’s hard to tell where the artworks originate. But sometimes the little actions you make can have huge impact on the original artists, and we want to encourage you to shop from authorized resellers and support the artists!

We work really hard to make sure we have the best quality and cutest designs. So we can bring smiles to you.

Also, we are coming out with our own designs soon, get excited! 🎉

We are always open to comments, discussions, and suggestions. Please email us if you have any questions, we love chatting with you! 💕

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