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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Washi Tape

We sometimes get asked “how do you use your washi tape?” or “what are some of the other ways to use washi tape?”

We all know we can use washi tape for our cards, bullet journals, note cards, gifts or envelopes.

Today we’d like to share how to use washi differently, integrating it into our daily life!

They are super fun and versatile.

Also comment at the end to tell us how YOU use your washi!

  1. Distinguish THE keys

    All the keys look the same. If you tape them with different washi, then they will stand out from each other!


  2. Seal the bread bag/ any plastic bag

You could either just use the washi to seal the bag directly, if you don’t think you’d open that bag often.

BUT if we are talking about a bag of chips and you know you can’t resist opening it—we don’t want to waste our washi tape. So you could tape the washi on a stainless steel wire. Then use the wire to wrap the bag! Easily sealed and pretty.

3. Distinguish the power cables

Washi tapes not only make the cables pretty but also save you time to double and triple check if you’ve grabbed the right cable.

There are many ways to do it, depending what you like.

4. Mark your pens

Have you ever lost your favorite pen at your workplace/school? This way you can for sure get it back!! 

5. Decorate your Wooden clip

If you are tired of the plain looking clips, add some colors to it!

6. Decorate your candle

Ok if I don’t stop here, we will just be listing all the items you can find at home and decorate them haha.

Tape it anywhere you want!


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