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6 Fun Ways to Use Cute Stickers


Sticky Rice Sisters started with stickers… Because that is our favorite kind of cute stationery and what we grew up with. There are so many ways to use stickers and we want to share with you the 6 ways we love to use them!

birthday cards - stickers
  1. Card Writing

Our favorite way to use stickers is in cards! We’ve always loved to decorate cards and letters we send out with lots of stickers. Something about using it for others than ourselves make it more worth-it 😆

decorate envelopes _ stickers _ sticky rice sisters

2. Envelop Decoration

Decorating envelopes with stickers and washi tapes is a separate task from the cards! That’s how serious we view the envelopes 😂

Receiving a piece of mail with cutely decorated envelope makes us so happy, so we want to do the same when we send out cards and every order!

planner stickers

3. Covering up Mistakes

Another way we use stickers is to cover up the mistake we made while writing cards. Because using whiteout can sometimes ruin the cuteness of the card, we just put a sticker with solid background on the mistake to make it look cute. (And act like nothing happened lol.)

4. Journal/Planner Stickers

Koyun uses cute stickers in her goal setting planner (Powersheets!) to mark important dates and add a bit of encouragement for herself.

laptop stickers

5. Use Them on Laptops

Laptop stickers! This is something Koyun recently got into since we got the waterproof stickers. They are just so cute and the size is perfect for laptops, back of the phone, water bottles, and truly anywhere you want.

Since they are waterproof and are more sturdy, you don’t have to worry about them peeling off.

decorate photos with stickers

6. Instax Photos Deco

We decorate our Instax pictures with stickers to mark the occsion.

Fujifilm Instax cameras are/were so popular! To decorate those cute instant photos, we put stickers and washi tape on it and add some character to the pictures. We use birthday themed stickers to help us remember when we took the pictures.

What is your favorite way to use stickers? Share with us in the comments!

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  • I love to use stickers for bullet journals! And hobonichi:)

    Chee Si Yuan

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