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W1256 - Maruco Art - Magic Tea Time

W1256 - Maruco Art - Magic Tea Time

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From the artist:
The Spring flowers have come into bloom, all kinds of flower tea are freshly made.
The magical elves from the small studio have also started the magic tea party.
Guinea Pig's dreamy floral tea, Little Bunny's sweet fruit tea, and Kitten's aromatic floral tea.
Let's have a colorful spring together!

- Japanese washi paper (NO release paper)
- 40mm x 10m, rotation length: 70cm

Maruco is a Taiwanese illustrator who likes to draw cute animals with watercolor and colored pencils. She wants to bring warmth to you with her work. Kochin LOVES how realistic her animals are, all the details make them so cute!

Learn more about Maruco Art on Instagram @maruco_art