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S1507 - Maruco Art - Neko Bistro Transfer Sticker

S1507 - Maruco Art - Neko Bistro Transfer Sticker

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From the artist:
Chef Neko is taking orders. Would you like to have Beef Bourguignon or Beef Wellington today? The playful kittens will also dine with you🐱👩🏻‍🍳

- 2 sheets of transfer stickers (2 different designs)
- A6 Size (10x15cm)
- How to use transfer sticker: Cut out the desired sticker, remove the backing paper, transfer the sticker onto page or items you want, scratch with pressure, then remove plastic film. Not removable.

These stickers are great for smooth surface on paper, plastic, glass, ceramic and more! You can really put it ANYWHERE you want! Show us how you use them with #StickyLove on social 😊

Watch how to use these stickers: https://youtu.be/QJ9XLTQ2mx4?t=1080

Maruco is a Taiwanese illustrator who likes to draw cute animals with watercolor and colored pencils. She wants to bring warmth to you with her work. Kochin LOVES how realistic her animals are, all the details make them so cute!

Learn more about Maruco Art on Instagram @maruco_art

貓咪大廚來上菜!今天你想要來點紅酒燉牛肉,還是威靈頓牛排? 俏皮小貓陪你一起用餐!