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Year of Tiger Red Envelopes (Set of 3)

Year of Tiger Red Envelopes (Set of 3)

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We love getting red envelopes! 🧧 Because there is usually money in it 😆 But as we grow older, we are giving more away than receiving them 😅

We give them to our parents and elders in the family as well as people who has been taking care of us, similar to holiday gifts!

There are some rules to how much to put in these red envelopes: always even number, never have the number 4 in the amount (4 sounds like death in Chinese), never put coins (coins are given to beggars), you'd usually give the most to parents, kids always get lots of red envelopes. Each family and celebrating country also has their own traditions. We also put scratchers or lotto ticket in red envelopes hoping it will bring good luck!

This year is the Year of Tiger, so we chose 3 designs featuring cute tigers!

- Each pack comes with 3 red envelopes with different designs